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China Work Visa

China Work Visa

If you need to hire a non-Chinese (foreigner) who wants to work in China must obtain work permit and residence permit (collectively called “work visa”) before you can legally work here in China. 

ChinaPayroll offers professional and reliable visa service to guarantee your staff work legally in China.

If you employees plan to work in China, here are the basic requirements of Work Visa Application.

  • Be over 18;
  • Hold a valid passport
  • Have the professional skills and corresponding work experience to fill the relevant vacancy

Processing steps

  1. Confirm plan
  2. Collect documents
  3. Review documents
  4. Apply for work permit
  5. Apply for resident permit
  6. Collect your visa at Exit and Entry Administration
  7. Update your resident permit

Documents applicants need to provide:

  1. Original Passport and valid visa (visa better still valid over 30 days);
  2. Copy of no crime record within 6 months;
  3. Copy of academic certificate;
  4. Copy of work qualification certificate, original reference letter from any foreign company to prove you have 2 years full-time working experience (after graduated) in your current industry and position.
  5. Copy of health certificate;
  6. Applicant’s 2-inch photo within 6 months.

Employer needs to provide:

  1. Applicant’s account of Service System of Foreigners Working in China
  2. Scanning of legal representative’s identity card
  3. Scanning of business license
  4. Official seal
  5. Scanning of handling person’s ID card
  6. Applicant’s labor contract

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