China Payroll
IT/ Telecom Industry

IT/ Telecom Industry

China Payroll helps you to extend your business in IT fields.

We focus on finding front-end development, back-end development, software testing engineer,systems architect,and all other talents to fit in your company.

We connect exceptional people. From the first contact to well after placement, we work to ensure that both candidate and client are highly satisfied with the service we provide. This is of paramount importance to us, and this approach only continues to enhance our candidate’s career development and our client’s overall business objectives.

Whether you are looking for that exceptional talent to join your team, or you are a candidate looking. We have a range of permanent, contract, and managed service recruitment offerings along with a wide range of jobs from scaling start-ups to well established enterprise organisations.

What We Offer

PEO & Payroll

Outsource salary, taxes, and social benefits of your employees in China to unburden your financial management.


Outsource HR and administration in China. We help you to find the most suitable employees.

China Work Visa

We help you to manage your visa application to prepare your employees work in China.

Office Rental

We offer a variety of options to help you grow your business in Shanghai.

Why Choose Us

Reliability-Quality, reliable personnel for all staffing needs

Flexibility-Temporary labor-from one to one-hundred-through a variety of contract options.

Convenience-Outsourced administration

Cost-Savings-Elimination of the additional costs relating to full-time employees

Guarantees the quality and credentials of our personnel

Security-Partnership with a fully accredited temporary staffing agency

Our Region Cover

We also focus on other industries:

Supply ChainTexitle Industry, Toy, Furniture, Electrical Appliances
RatailingStorage Management
OthersTechnical Consulting, Biotechnology, Sales

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