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How to Conduct Quality Control During Lockdown in China

How to Conduct Quality Control During Lockdown in China

If you manufacture in China or source from China, COVID-19 is influencing daily life and operations in the country. The lockdown strategy has had a significant impact on business, particularly if your suppliers are headquartered in Shenzhen or Shanghai. Shenzhen, China’s Silicon Valley, and its neighbor Dongguan are under lockdown from March 14th to March 20th, according to the latest government notice. Meanwhile, Shanghai, home to numerous global corporations, has been under lockdown since March 13 and will remain so until further notice.

Quality Control Still Matters

With the restricted travels of buyers, product managers, and quality control teams, some might ignore the quality control part of the supply chain. Sometimes, in order to achieve a short shipping deadline, brands would just skip quality control. However, customers will still focus on the quality of the products. Customers may care even more about product quality in the current economic climate, as they want every dollar spent wisely. As a result, product quality management is still critical for both brands and suppliers.

If your headquater is not in China, what are the solutions to persist in providing high-quality products?

Remote Inspection

Remote inspection is one of the most common methods, the same as traditional inspection in that the inspector will not be on-site but will direct it remotely.The technical team will still prepare a detailed checklist with all the checkpoints and special requirements needed before conducting a remote inspection. The inspector and the factory will then schedule a time to connect and inspect the products in real time. Typically, the factory staff will be holding a camera and filming everything. You can also participate online to keep track of the entire process.

However it still need time and energy to follow the whole QC procedure, and due to the time difference situation, it is difficult for foreign companies to keep checking everything online.

Have your own quality control personnel and work with a payroll/staffing agency

You can hire a stable QC personnel but leave all staffing issues to a payroll agency based in China such as China Payroll.

Check out for these advantages:

  • Full control. You are the one to interview and make the decision to choose your own staff. Sampling strategies, risk focus, and review scopes, and reporting packages can be tailored to your practices and needs, and quickly altered, as necessary, to meet changing business requirements.
  • Compliance. Out of trouble with local Chinese law and labor regulation, and speed up your China operation with minimal spending and risk.
  • Time and Cost Saving. It also helps you to save your time and energy handling his/her payroll and other HR issues.
  • Flexibility. China Payroll provides the possibility of a far more flexible review process as it places control of the process in the hands of QC managers rather than outsourcing consultants.

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