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How to Recruit Supply Chain Professionals in China

How to Recruit Supply Chain Professionals in China

Finding top supply chain talents in China is a difficult task for foreign companies. You require a highly experienced supply chain recruiting partner who not only understands the end-to-end supply chain but is also trusted and well-connected within the supply chain community.

There are several challenges for foreign business owners to recruit supply chain professionals in China:

  • Language & cultural difference

One of the most difficult issues that foreign companies confront in China is cultural misunderstandings caused by miscommunication. The way the Chinese do business differs from that of outsiders. As a result, cultural differences are always at the basis of tensions and disagreements between multinational corporations and locals. It is also a hard task for foreign companies to find a bilingual employee in tier 2 or tier 3 cities in China. You will need someone who understands the local culture and also has high-level English skills.

  • Varieties of Industries

China is famous for manufacturing, including all sorts of different industries. Some industries have a large requirement in the western companies, such as the toy industry, textile, warehouse management, transportation, etc. It is a challenge for foreign business owners to find all candidates by themselves if they have no background understanding in China’s talent market.

  • Legal Environment

Foreign firms must deal with stringent and difficult restrictions. Foreign representative offices, financial institutions, and economic organizations, for example, are not permitted to hire personnel directly; instead, they must go through specifically designated HR management companies. While some Chinese SMEs can get away with minor legal violations, foreign-owned businesses are normally held to a higher standard.

How to recruit supply chain talents in China?

The best solution is to work with a recruiter who is familiar with the supply chain.

A professional agency with supply chain experience can put you in touch with a larger pool of candidates. It can also sift through the candidates to find the best fit for your open positions. This will save your company time and allow it to concentrate on its core business.

China Payroll has a long history of assisting great companies in supporting supply chain and logistics management. And also in recruiting chief supply chain officer, VP of supply chain and logistics, director of operations, VP of manufacturing, and fallowing them to sustain growth, increase profits, mitigate risks, and create an enduring competitive advantage.

China Payroll can swiftly and efficiently hire China supply chain employees for your unfilled positions based on company demands, geography, and available talent. We don’t rely on active job seekers when we recruit for the supply chain and logistics industry. We primarily contact passive prospects to explain how an open position within your firm would be a good fit for them. ChinaPayroll pre-screens the people we find to guarantee they have the abilities, knowledge, and experience to take on an executive position in your organization. Finally, we ensure that our applicants have the personality to succeed in your business culture.

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