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How to Recruit Supply Chain Team in China

How to Recruit Supply Chain Team in China

Finding top supply chain talent is a difficult task, and one bad hire can devastate your business. Working with generalist search firms that don’t understand supply chain management can be frustrating, especially when you’re presented with underwhelming candidates who are way off target with your ideal candidate profile.

You require a highly experienced supply chain recruiting partner who not only understands the end-to-end supply chain but is also trusted and well-connected within the supply chain community.

How to recruit supply chain talents in China?

  1. Hire people who share your company’s mission and values.

Worry less about where those people went to college or where they got their work experience. Worry more about whether their personal values align with the mission of your organization. You’ll need to look over all of the candidates’ profiles and set aside time for interviews. It takes effort and time, as well as a dependable HR team.

  • Adopt a long-term hiring strategy.

This does not always occur when there is a pressing need to fill an open position. A long-term perspective, on the other hand, ensures that candidates have the qualities required to succeed in their supply chain positions.

  • Work with a recruiter who is familiar with the supply chain.

An agency with supply chain experience can put you in touch with a larger pool of candidates. It can also sift through the candidates to find the best fit for your open positions. This will save your company time and allow it to concentrate on its core business.

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