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How to Source High-quality Products in China

How to Source High-quality Products in China

As a small business owner in the manufacturing industry, quality control is a vital problem for anyone who has their products made in China.

There are several ways you can source your products in China, but if you have no clue about which one to choose, it’s time-consuming and can put your whole business at risk.

This article introduces you to three options of product sourcing.

Option 1: Going to China to source products yourself

It’s obvious in the title that you can fly to China and meet with various suppliers is the absolute ideal way to ensure that you get a good deal. Going to China by yourself can 100% guarantee the quality of your products, but the disadvantages are obvious (expensive cost and time-consuming). The biggest barrier now is getting a visa during the COVID situation, while the travel cost can be extremely high.

Option 2: Find a QC outsourcing agency

Outsourcing QC is sure one of your options for you to manage your business from abroad, but there are some critical challenges you are facing:

  • Loss of managerial control and possible quality issues
  • Hidden costs
  • Threat to security and confidentiality
  • A tie to the financial well-being of the outsourcing company
  • Instability of staffing

When you outsource, the costs and fees quickly add up. Typically, there is a base fee plus per-paycheck or per-user fees. You’ll also have to pay extra for tax preparation services or customized reports. These prices will rise over time (as all prices do), and you will have no control over them. Outsource pricing is on a per-loan basis and may increase substantially when volumes increase. What’s worse, your outsourced staff may not remain the same person all the time, making it inefficient in communication, not to mention quality and safety.

Option 3: Have your own quality control personnel and work with a payroll/staffing agency

Sometimes you don’t need to outsource your tasks, you just need better tools and more efficient ways to handle them. You can hire a stable QC personnel but leave all staffing issues to a payroll agency. If you choose a payroll service agency such as China Payroll you won’t have to worry about all the risks above.

Check out for these advantages:

  • Full control. You are the one to interview and make the decision to choose your own staff. Sampling strategies, risk focus, and review scopes, and reporting packages can be tailored to your practices and needs, and quickly altered, as necessary, to meet changing business requirements.
  • Compliance. Out of trouble with local Chinese law and labor regulation, and speed up your China operation with minimal spending and risk.
  • Time and Cost Saving. It also helps you to save your time and energy handling his/her payroll and other HR issues.
  • Flexibility. China Payroll provides the possibility of a far more flexible review process as it places control of the process in the hands of QC managers rather than outsourcing consultants.

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