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Our Services

China Payroll Outsourcing

Established in 2002, China Payroll is the leading HRO provider helping global clients expand into China. Our PEO and Staffing solutions enable international company employees in China without establishing a local entity. 


Our industry knowledge, specialized staffing divisions, and commitment to client satisfaction are key reasons why China Payroll Intelligent Staffing is the first choice for Fortune 500 companies and small offices alike. 

China Work Visa

If you need to hire a non-Chinese (foreigner) who wants to work in China must obtain a work permit and residence permit (collectively called “work visa”) before you can legally work here in China.

Office Rental

Shanghai is a rapidly growing city boasts an impressive infrastructure that is ready to lead the next generation into the future, if you are looking to expand your business in Shanghai, China Payroll is your first choice.

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