Canton Fair Showcases China’s Manufacturing Prowess on a Global Scale
Canton Fair Showcases China’s Manufacturing Prowess on a Global Scale

Canton Fair Showcases China’s Manufacturing Prowess on a Global Scale

Li Yuting, a salesperson at Tianjin Golden Success International Corporation, was thrilled to see visitors still inquiring about their kitchen appliances on the last day of the 133rd Canton Fair in Guangzhou, which ended on Friday. The fair, also known as the China Import and Export Fair, resumed its on-site activities this year and welcomed approximately 35,000 exhibitors and purchasers from over 220 countries and regions across its three phases held from April 15 to May 5. With offline exhibition venues spanning 1.5 million square meters, the fair set a new record with over 2.9 million visitors and export deals worth a total of $21.69 billion signed during the offline exhibitions. Golden Success has been attending the fair for over 10 years, and Li Yuting believes it’s an excellent opportunity to showcase their latest products and expand their connections with foreign buyers. The Canton Fair’s popularity is encouraging, as it provides many clients to deal with, she said. Buyers such as Nirose Paramabtah from the United Arab Emirates and Adi Dagan from Israel are drawn to the Canton Fair because China’s sophisticated industrial chain satisfies their customized product needs. During the third phase of the fair, international buyers showed great interest in coffee and candies produced by Tommy&Tim Industrial Co., Ltd. based in Shantou City, Guangdong Province. A member of the sales team at Tommy&Tim’s booth noted that it was their first time participating in the Canton Fair, and they received many intentional orders. French perfumer Janek Kozeluh, who has been attending the fair since the 1980s, said that the goods on display only represent a small sample of what China can produce. Kozeluh has established solid partnerships with many Chinese suppliers for raw materials and accessories for cosmetics, and he believes that selecting the right partners to collaborate with is crucial to developing new products and growing together.

Kozeluh also emphasized the importance of meeting with regular Chinese suppliers and customers to bring each other new ideas and products. For him, the Canton Fair is an essential platform to foster such collaborations.

The fair’s third phase, which focused on food, textiles, and medicines, saw a significant turnout of international buyers, indicating the continued relevance of the event. Despite the ongoing pandemic, the Canton Fair’s successful return to physical exhibitions shows that businesses and consumers remain eager for face-to-face interactions and product demonstrations.

For companies like Golden Success, participation in the fair enables them to showcase their products to a wider audience and forge connections with potential clients from around the world. Tommy&Tim Industrial Co., Ltd.’s success at the fair also highlights the potential for first-time participants to make an impact and secure intentional orders.

Overall, the 133rd Canton Fair proved to be a success, exceeding expectations in terms of visitor numbers and export deals signed. The event’s popularity among both exhibitors and buyers speaks to its continued relevance in promoting international trade and cooperation.


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