Chinese Authorities Enhance Efforts to Enhance Online Business Environment
Chinese Authorities Enhance Efforts to Enhance Online Business Environment

Chinese Authorities Enhance Efforts to Enhance Online Business Environment

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) announced on Tuesday that it has taken proactive measures to remove over 86,000 instances of false and misleading information about enterprises from key web platforms in China. This move reflects the Chinese government’s determination to stabilize the economy by implementing policies that optimize the business environment.

The CAC’s call to action has specifically targeted platforms such as WeChat, Sina Weibo, and Douyin, urging them to swiftly verify and handle records containing misleading information related to enterprises. In response, these platforms have successfully cleared more than 86,000 instances of false information and have taken action against 8,425 accounts in compliance with the law.

The types of false information that have been addressed include malicious aggregation of negative company-related data to pursue unlawful gains, the dissemination of false information about enterprises, impersonation and imitation of other companies’ names, and fabrication of personal life-related topics of entrepreneurs. Additionally, the authorities have addressed issues related to regional discrimination and stigmatization involving enterprises.

Looking ahead, the CAC is committed to maintaining its focus on matters that disrupt the online business environment and will encourage web platforms to expand their reporting mechanisms. Moreover, it will tighten its management of problematic platforms and accounts.

In another initiative aimed at improving market order, the traffic regulatory authorities in Shenzhen summoned two prominent ride-hailing platforms, Didi Chuxing and Gaode, for discussions on suspicion of disrupting fair competition and affecting industry safety and stability. These companies were directed to promptly rectify any non-compliant behavior, jointly maintaining fair competition in the market, and fostering a healthy environment for the growth of the online ride-hailing industry.

Experts view these moves as part of the Chinese government’s broader strategy to create a conducive business environment for the platform economy. By ensuring a clean online environment and restoring market order, these efforts will safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and enhance their long-term prospects.

These recent actions also align with the Chinese authorities’ commitment to bolster the private economy. The National Development and Reform Commission, along with other departments, recently introduced a comprehensive package of 28 measures to boost the private economy’s development. These measures include targeted efforts to optimize the business environment, promoting the integrated growth of key regional businesses, supporting struggling enterprises, and extending credit support to small businesses.

In conclusion, the Chinese government’s endeavors to facilitate the healthy development of the platform economy signify a dedication to foster a business-friendly environment, ensuring the sustainable growth of enterprises while safeguarding their interests.


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