Chinese Enterprises Utilize Zambia’s Trade Show to Attract Job Seekers
Chinese Enterprises Utilize Zambia’s Trade Show to Attract Job Seekers

Chinese Enterprises Utilize Zambia’s Trade Show to Attract Job Seekers

Chinese companies operating in Zambia seized the opportunity to host a job exposition during the 95th Agricultural and Commercial Show, aimed at drawing potential job seekers to their ranks.

Sixteen Chinese enterprises participated in the event, organized by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Zambia (CCCZ). On the inaugural day, a swarm of prospective job seekers flocked to the Chinese pavilion, where these companies showcased their offerings, hoping to secure employment opportunities.

Li Tie, President of CCCZ, emphasized that the job expo is a groundbreaking initiative devised to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers in Zambia. He articulated, “This platform creates distinctive prospects for local and multinational companies to identify talent in an unbiased manner, all while stimulating economic transformation through enhanced productivity driven by the skilled workforce that will be recruited.”

Li noted that the expo aligns with this year’s theme of the show, “Inclusive Economic Transformation.” He underscored the gravity of unemployment as a global issue, including in Zambia, and shared the organization’s commitment to driving job creation and economic progress in the country.

The event stands as a tribute to the collaborative spirit between China and Zambia, Li highlighted, further conveying its role in providing individuals with a platform to exhibit their talents and skills. This, he emphasized, could help steer the nation toward becoming a vibrant hub of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Brenda Tambatamba, Zambia’s Minister of Labor and Social Security, lauded the organization for offering opportunities for job seekers to connect with potential employers. The job expo, she indicated, emerges as a crucial intervention in addressing the country’s high youth unemployment rate, presently standing at 17.4 percent. Tambatamba stated, “It acts as a bridge between academic institutions and industries, aligning with the government’s aspiration of enriching human and social development by equipping young people with skills to actively participate in the national economy.”

Among the throngs of prospective job seekers, optimism abounded regarding the opportunities provided by Chinese enterprises.

Albert Kazembe, an aspiring human resource development officer, found the transparent recruitment process of Chinese firms impressive. “I am fully inclined to work for a Chinese company because they uphold integrity and oppose corruption,” he shared.

Obert Shamulele, aspiring to secure a role as an electrician within one of the companies, praised the Chinese for their strong work ethic and higher-order thinking. He expressed, “Collaboration with China is pivotal for Zambia’s development.”


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