Positive Outlook for U.S. Businesses at CIIE Signals Strong Commitment to China
Positive Outlook for U.S. Businesses at CIIE Signals Strong Commitment to China

Positive Outlook for U.S. Businesses at CIIE Signals Strong Commitment to China

The China International Import Expo (CIIE) is not just a trade event; it’s a window of opportunity for global businesses, and U.S. companies are embracing it with enthusiasm. Representatives from the U.S. business community and high-level officials have shown a keen interest in forging partnerships and strengthening ties with their Chinese counterparts. This demonstrates a vote of confidence in China’s long-term development.

Dylan Lu, the general manager of U.S. health food firm Athletic Greens (AG), emphasized the significance of CIIE as a platform for global businesses to expand their cooperation and presence in China. AG was one of the 17 exhibitors, led by the U.S. government for the first time, to co-establish the U.S. Food and Agriculture pavilion at CIIE. This marked the largest U.S. presence in the expo’s history since 2018, attracting more than 200 U.S. businesses and exhibitors.

U.S. Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns, attending CIIE for the first time, underscored America’s commitment to bilateral ties and interest in building a “more stable and productive” trade and economic relationship with China. He noted the importance of two-way trade across various sectors of the U.S. economy.

For Athletic Greens, which entered the Chinese market in 2019, CIIE provides a unique opportunity to showcase its star products, particularly nutritional supplements and ingredients. This event highlights China’s growing middle-class market and evolving consumer demands, encouraging companies to introduce high-quality products and services to meet these needs.

Similarly, U.S. biopharmaceutical company Allergan Aesthetics has shown its dedication to long-term development in China through its participation in CIIE for the third time. The company specializes in medical aesthetics and has been displaying a range of high-end products, including skincare brands. These brands are set to transition from exhibits to commercial offerings in China after CIIE. Allergan Aesthetics has also established strategic partnerships with prominent Chinese organizations, emphasizing the importance of China’s market to its business.

U.S. pharmaceutical company Organon views CIIE as a unique platform for unlocking new opportunities and establishing partnerships in the Chinese market, particularly in the field of women’s health. The company is committed to expanding its presence in China and benefits from the country’s favorable business environment and rapidly growing healthcare industry.

The overall sentiment among these U.S. companies at CIIE is one of optimism and confidence in the prospects of the Chinese market. They recognize China’s commitment to opening up and its continued vitality and prosperity. With the U.S. economy showing interest in strengthening ties with China, CIIE serves as a vital platform for fostering cooperation and growth between these nations.

In conclusion, CIIE not only facilitates international trade but also serves as a symbol of the strong bond between U.S. businesses and the Chinese market. The positive outlook and commitment displayed by these U.S. companies signal a promising future for U.S.-China trade and economic cooperation.


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