World’s First Supply Chain Expo Calls for Collaboration
World’s First Supply Chain Expo Calls for Collaboration

World’s First Supply Chain Expo Calls for Collaboration

The China International Supply Chain Expo (CISIE) made its historic debut in Beijing, marking the world’s first-ever national exhibition dedicated to fostering industrial and supply chain collaboration.

Ren Hongbin, President of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), emphasized that the expo serves as a pioneering platform. It provides the global business community with an open arena to enhance exchanges and cooperation within the sector during his address at the inauguration ceremony.

Over 1,100 representatives from governmental departments, business sectors, and international organizations graced the event. Participants ranged from domestic and international companies spanning smart automobiles, green agriculture, clean energy, digital technology, to health and lifestyle sectors.

Rebeca Grynspan, Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), described the event as groundbreaking. It brings together companies across the entire supply chain, facilitating collaboration between upstream, midstream, and downstream stakeholders.

The Beijing Initiative for the Connectivity of Industrial and Supply Chains was launched during the ceremony. It advocates for the stability and seamless operation of global industrial and supply chains, recognizing this as vital for global economic development and the common welfare of people worldwide. The initiative calls for upholding market principles, concrete actions to deepen international cooperation, and the reduction of trade and investment barriers.

The CISIE platform was lauded for promoting closer collaboration and supply chain resilience, with Stefan Hartung, Chairman of Bosch’s board of management, highlighting the Chinese market’s pivotal role in the global industrial and supply chain.

The release of the Global Supply Chain Promotion Report spotlighted China’s role in bolstering global supply chain robustness. China’s vast market, diverse industry sectors, open policies, and innovation capabilities create opportunities for global supply chain cooperation. The report, authored by the CCPIT Research Institute based on input from 526 domestic and international enterprises and over 100 experts, focuses on five supply chains: smart automobiles, smartphones, photovoltaic power, medicines, and green wheat.

China, as a major manufacturing powerhouse, encompasses all industrial categories listed in the UN industrial classification—a unique distinction. In 2022, the country’s manufacturing sector contributed 27.7% to domestic GDP.

Given the challenges of deglobalization and supply chain restructuring amid a fragile global economy, the report underscores the necessity for countries to collaborate. This includes promoting technological innovation, enhancing openness and cooperation, investing in relevant infrastructure, and advancing inclusive and shared development of the global supply chain.

The event, themed “Connecting the World for a Shared Future,” is hosted by the CCPIT, with support from UNCTAD, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, and three other international organizations. It will run until December 2, offering a platform for global stakeholders to strengthen exchanges and cooperation, with the aim of achieving fruitful outcomes, as Ren Hongbin emphasized.


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