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Challenges For Foreign Small Businesses In China

Challenges For Foreign Small Businesses In China

It is not easy to do business in China. While doing business in China can provide incredible opportunities to grow your brand and increase your profits, there are also challenges that can damage your reputation in the long run or render you unprofitable in Chinese market.

There are some common challenges blow:

Market access

This is probably one of the most important factors to consider because it is extremely difficult to be successful if you do not have good relationships with partners in the country. China has its own set of rules that differ from those of other countries, and you will need the assistance of someone or some companies with local experience to help you navigate this market.


In China, the government is always active in terms of market regulations and ensuring that everything is in order. The rules governing what and how products are designed, developed, sold, and used in China are imposed by the government.

Human resource management

One of the most significant challenges for foreign companies is human resources. The rules in China are very different from those in other countries, and you must keep in mind that these rules change on a regular basis because the country is still developing this aspect of the system. To avoid potential compliance issues, a foreign company must have a thorough understanding of all Chinese policies and practices, which are constantly changing.

Foreign companies must navigate a difficult legal environment in which policies change frequently and many of them are difficult to understand because they are mostly written in Chinese.

Hiring is one of the most difficult aspects for foreign companies entering China. Inability to find the right talent for the company can be hampered by a lack of knowledge of the culture, language, and local market.

Hiring employees in China is also complicated because companies must have a specific business structure (WFOE) in order to legally hire employees and cannot hire directly employees.

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