China Payroll
Expand your business into Foshan

Expand your business into Foshan

Brief Investment Environment in Foshan

Foshan is famous for its Hi-Tech Development Zone. Its major industries in the zone including automobile assembly, biotechnology, and chemicals processing. China Payroll will act as your employees’ Foshan’s Employer of Record, which means you can begin doing business in Foshan without a local entity. We help you to save your costs and support your business to go to market faster.

Explore our expansion solutions in Foshan

China Payroll Outsourcing

Outsource salary, taxes, and social benefits of your employees in China to unburden your financial management.


Outsource HR and administration in China. We help you to find the most suitable employees.

China Work Visa

We help you to manage your visa application to prepare your employees work in China.

Office Rental

We offer a variety of options to help you grow your business in Foshan.

Our Services simplifies your expansion in Foshan

ChinaPayroll supports your business to expand its operations into Foshan without setting up a legal subsidiary.

Reliability-Quality, reliable personnel for all staffing needs

Flexibility-Temporary labor-from one to one-hundred-through a variety of contract options.

Convenience-Outsourced administration

Cost-Savings-Elimination of the additional costs relating to full-time employees

Guarantees the quality and credentials of our personnel

Security-Partnership with a fully accredited temporary staffing agency

For other employment questions you are welcome to check our FAQs or leave us a message.

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