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Preparing to Resume Work and Businesses in Shanghai

Preparing to Resume Work and Businesses in Shanghai

Shanghai administration has put several steps in place to let its inhabitants gradually exit the lockdown. Local businesses are ready to resume production and labor. Shanghai is slated to reopen its doors fully from June 1 until the end of June.

Resuming company operations is nevertheless subject to a number of restrictions and constraints. In this article we will describe the published official rules on work resumption and explore the essential action plans for enterprises to be suitable candidates for work resumption.

For foreign-invested companies, key enterprises in integrated circuit manufacturing, vehicle manufacture, biological medicine, information and communication, software, and information service can apply for work and production to resume.

What should foreign companies in Shanghai do to prepare for the resumption of work and production?

Enterprises that want to continue operations and manufacturing must meet a variety of criteria. They must specify the following five aspects in their application:

  • Determination of the enterprise’s person in charge of epidemic prevention and control;
  • Management of logistics and supplies for epidemic prevention;
  • Employee management strategies;
  • Plans for managing classified properties;
  • Emergency response plans

More detailed information about resuming business operations in Shanghai will be released, if you want updated news please stay with us.

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