China Streamlines Visa Procedures to Boost Business Exchanges
China Streamlines Visa Procedures to Boost Business Exchanges

China Streamlines Visa Procedures to Boost Business Exchanges

In a bid to enhance business exchanges and create a more efficient and convenient business environment, China is implementing measures to facilitate visa issuance for foreign businessmen, as announced by the Ministry of Public Security and National Immigration Administration.

For foreign individuals visiting China for various business purposes such as negotiations, trade exchanges, installations, maintenance, participation in exhibitions, investment, and entrepreneurship, who lack sufficient time to apply for visas outside the country, the option of applying for port visas has been introduced. These individuals can enter China with an invitation letter and enterprise certification materials.

Furthermore, to accommodate foreigners who require multiple entries into China for business-related reasons, a new provision allows them to apply for a visa renewal with a valid business visa, granting multiple entries within three years after their initial arrival in the country.

Jia Tongbin, the deputy director of the Department of Foreigners Management at the National Immigration Administration, emphasized that these measures aim to promote cross-border business exchanges. The streamlined visa procedures will facilitate foreign executives, businesspeople, and other personnel in conducting trade cooperation, negotiations, and other business activities in China.

Under the current regulations, foreigners applying for residence permits in China are required to submit their passports to the Exit and Entry Administration department for review. With the introduction of this new measure, foreigners will now be allowed to retain their original passports after verification while applying for residence permits. This change enables them to handle relevant matters using their passports during the application period.

The focus of this measure is on permanent foreigners engaged in work, study, scientific research, investment, innovation, entrepreneurship in China, as well as those visiting relatives. These individuals can now freely engage in social affairs such as travel, accommodation, taxation, banking, and mailing using their passports during the residence permit application process. The implementation of this initiative is expected to benefit at least 700,000 people annually, contributing to a more conducive environment for business operations in China, as stated by Jia.


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