Upcoming Chinese Trade Fair to Spotlight Innovations in International Trade
Upcoming Chinese Trade Fair to Spotlight Innovations in International Trade

Upcoming Chinese Trade Fair to Spotlight Innovations in International Trade

The forthcoming China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) is poised to serve as a dynamic platform for the introduction of innovative projects aimed at elevating the quality of international trade, according to insights from a Turkish scholar.

Selcuk Colakoglu, the Director of the Turkish Center for Asia-Pacific Studies in Ankara, recently shared his perspective with Xinhua, emphasizing the CIFTIS’s potential to shape the future across various industries. Colakoglu highlighted that the fair will spotlight critical areas such as carbon neutrality, artificial intelligence (AI), and the metaverse.

He noted, “In the pursuit of sustainable development, green initiatives have gained paramount importance, and the fair’s emphasis on green development, particularly in achieving zero carbon emissions in production, holds great significance. This agenda on green development is instrumental in fostering sustainable global economic growth.”

Colakoglu further underlined the anticipated focus on AI and the metaverse at the CIFTIS, emphasizing their integration into diverse sectors. AI has emerged as a pivotal topic in economic activities, opening up numerous creative avenues for production and trade, making it a timely focal point for the fair, given its increasing popularity.

The expert also commended China for its substantial contributions to the post-pandemic recovery of the global economy and its ongoing development. He remarked, “China’s transformation towards enhancing its high-tech and value-added production capacity, as well as its emphasis on green development and AI-related production in recent years, is notable.”

These developments within the Chinese economy, with their reverberations in international trade, suggest that the world is poised to witness an uptick in high-value trade in the coming years, according to Colakoglu.

Scheduled to occur from September 2nd to 6th in Beijing, the CIFTIS 2023, one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive trade fairs for services, will carry the theme of “Openness leads development, cooperation creates a win-win future.” The event is expected to host a diverse array of 202 activities, including forums, negotiations, and summits.


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