Global Firms Converge in Beijing for the 2023 China International Fair for Trade in Services
Global Firms Converge in Beijing for the 2023 China International Fair for Trade in Services

Global Firms Converge in Beijing for the 2023 China International Fair for Trade in Services

The 2023 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), renowned as one of the world’s most extensive expos for trade in services, officially commenced on Saturday at the China National Convention Center and Shougang Park in Beijing. Running under the theme “Opening-up for Better Development, Cooperation for Win-Win Future,” the event is scheduled to run until Wednesday.

This highly anticipated event has drawn substantial interest from companies and organizations globally, recognizing it as an outstanding platform for fostering international collaboration. This year’s edition sees an even larger international presence, with a significantly greater number of international exhibitors compared to the previous iteration.

A prominent component of CIFTIS, the Global Trade in Services Summit, has expanded its scale and prestige, attracting foreign governmental dignitaries, ministerial guests, and heads of international organizations who will deliver speeches and insights.

Covering a sprawling 155,000 square meters, the exhibition at the 2023 CIFTIS highlights the latest advancements across various sectors, including the digital economy, cultural services, tourism services, education services, medical services, and green development. The event boasts a roster of more than 2,200 offline exhibitors, including 500 Fortune Global 500 companies and leaders in various industries.

This year, a total of 75 countries and international organizations are participating in CIFTIS. Among them, 28 countries, such as Germany, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Argentina, and Benin, along with seven international organizations, including UNICEF and UNAIDS, have established impressive booths in the Exhibitions of Countries section.

As the guest country of honor, the United Kingdom has assembled its most extensive business delegation ever for the 2023 CIFTIS since its inaugural participation in the event. Moreover, the UK is set to host over 70 events during this year’s CIFTIS.

Spanning 240 square meters, the British National Pavilion is a showcase of the UK’s expertise and distinctiveness in the services trade, spanning fields like education, sports, healthcare, and cultural creativity. Notable companies like HSBC and Pearson are prominently featured. The pavilion offers interactive experiences, including naked-eye 3D displays and artificial intelligence robot games. Visitors can also enjoy a virtual 3D stage featuring the Beatles, complete with Dyson headphones for an immersive musical experience.

Virtual reality and augmented reality devices are available for visitors to engage in interactive sports games and get up-close encounters with wildlife, offering a glimpse into the UK’s significant contributions to simulation scenarios in sports, wildlife conservation, and vocational education.

Tom Duke, the deputy trade commissioner for China at the Department for International Trade of the British embassy in China, shared his perspective on CIFTIS, underscoring its growing significance for development. Duke emphasized the platform’s ideal nature for strengthening UK-China cooperation in the realm of trade in services, particularly in areas such as pensions, insurance, healthcare, and environmental services.

French multinational Schneider Electric, a repeat participant at CIFTIS, highlighted the event’s importance as a key platform for China’s high-level opening-up initiatives. It serves as a crucial stage for showcasing and exchanging new technologies, applications, and services in the global services trade sector.

Jan-Willem Scheijgrond, vice-president of Dutch home appliance giant Royal Philips, revealed the company’s intention to spotlight innovative collaborations with Chinese counterparts within the global environmental protection system this year. Scheijgrond lauded the innovative achievements of Chinese partners, especially in the application of AI in medical imaging, enhancing medical efficiency.

Philips is dedicated to partnering with Chinese technology enterprises, fostering global innovation efforts aligned with local needs. The company actively collaborates with Chinese institutions to tackle challenges in healthcare and the medical field, embodying its commitment to localization and sustained investment in China.

The 2023 CIFTIS stands as a testament to the ever-increasing international interest in China’s services trade and its role as a global leader in innovation and collaboration in various sectors.


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