Northeast China Entrepreneurship Summit 2023 Kicks Off, Focusing on Regional Revitalization
Northeast China Entrepreneurship Summit 2023 Kicks Off, Focusing on Regional Revitalization

Northeast China Entrepreneurship Summit 2023 Kicks Off, Focusing on Regional Revitalization

In the heart of Harbin, the capital city of Heilongjiang Province in northeast China, the 2023 Sun Island Annual Conference for Entrepreneurs opened its doors on Tuesday. The event attracted a diverse gathering of individuals from various backgrounds, all converging to explore innovative pathways towards the comprehensive revitalization of northeast China.

Under the overarching theme of “Entrepreneurial Power: Fueling the New Growth Engine,” the conference served as a dynamic platform for over 500 attendees to engage in thought-provoking discussions spanning key subjects such as the digital economy, biological economy, ice-and-snow economy, and the creative design industry. These deliberations aimed to identify fresh opportunities within the context of northeast China’s resurgence.

Xu Qin, Secretary of the Communist Party of China Committee in Heilongjiang Province, expressed the commitment of the provincial Party committee and government during the inaugural ceremony. Their pledge was to cultivate a world-class business environment, facilitating the rapid and robust development of enterprises. Their vision encompassed the promotion of healthy growth, expansion, and empowerment of local businesses. All these endeavors, Xu noted, would enable entrepreneurs to showcase their accomplishments, realize their aspirations within Heilongjiang, and collectively contribute to the nation’s fortification and resurgence.

Lyu Yansong, the Editor-in-Chief of Xinhua News Agency, conveyed a powerful message in his opening address. He emphasized Xinhua’s unwavering dedication to amplifying the Party and the country’s overarching objectives. He asserted that Xinhua continually harnessed its influence to support the holistic revitalization of northeast China. In addition, it provided a dynamic platform for entrepreneurs to project their brands on the global stage.

Lyu further underscored Xinhua’s commitment to nurturing entrepreneurial spirit and encouraging enterprises to assume an even greater role in fostering development. He affirmed their dedication to harnessing diverse platforms and channels to perpetuate their mission of facilitating the revitalization of northeast China and the high-quality advancement of businesses. In doing so, they aimed to more effectively narrate the compelling Heilongjiang chapter within the larger narrative of China’s progress to the global audience.

The two-day event was collaboratively organized by the Harbin Municipal Government, the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Commerce, Xinhuanet, and the Heilongjiang Bureau of Xinhua News Agency.


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