Chinese Busmaker Yutong Clinches Double Honors at Busworld Europe
Chinese Busmaker Yutong Clinches Double Honors at Busworld Europe

Chinese Busmaker Yutong Clinches Double Honors at Busworld Europe

In a significant achievement, the T15E series bus by the renowned Chinese brand Yutong secured not one, but two prestigious awards at Busworld Europe. The accolades included the coveted “Label of Design Excellence” and the esteemed “Label of Ecological Excellence.” This momentous recognition took place at the biennial trade show held in Brussels on Saturday.

Yutong’s T15E model, an ultra-luxurious battery-powered tourist bus spanning an impressive 15 meters in length, garnered praise for its exceptional energy efficiency. This was attributed to its innovative lightweight design and cutting-edge energy-saving technology.

The 26th edition of Busworld Europe, which runs until October 12, witnessed active participation from 526 exhibitors, representing manufacturers hailing from Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Chinese bus manufacturers have been progressively carving out a “high-end brand” identity in recent years, and the Busworld expo serves as a vital platform for them to make a global impact.

Prominently featured alongside Yutong were other distinguished Chinese bus makers, including BYD, Golden Dragon, and Higer. These manufacturers took the opportunity to showcase their technological innovations and commitment to environmental sustainability.

BYD, recognized as a global leader in new energy vehicles, introduced two of its latest ebus models during the event, emphasizing their commitment to cutting-edge electric mobility solutions.

Higer made a notable debut at the expo by unveiling its latest creation, the “Fencer,” which has earned a nomination for the Busworld Europe 2023 Vehicle Awards, further highlighting the brand’s pursuit of excellence.

Another prominent Chinese player, Zhongtong Bus, seized the attention of visitors with its hydrogen fuel model, the N12, showcasing the brand’s dedication to advancing eco-friendly transportation alternatives.


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