Chengdu Q3 Salary Report: Discover the Top 10 Average Salaries
Chengdu Q3 Salary Report: Discover the Top 10 Average Salaries

Chengdu Q3 Salary Report: Discover the Top 10 Average Salaries

In-Depth Analysis of Recruitment Compensation Trends: Zhaopin Recruitment Reveals China Enterprise Recruitment Compensation Report for 38 Major Cities, Highlighting Chengdu’s Competitive Position with an Average Monthly Salary of 9,744 Yuan

In recent days, Zhaopin Recruitment has unveiled its “China Enterprise Recruitment Compensation Report,” which provides insights into the recruitment compensation levels of companies across 38 major cities in China. The report conducts a thorough analysis of changes in recruitment compensation within key cities, industries, and professions. On average, companies in these 38 cities offer a monthly recruitment salary of 10,115 yuan. Notably, Chengdu stands at an average monthly salary of 9,744 yuan.
When examining the distribution of enterprise recruitment salaries, the 25th percentile is set at 6,001 yuan, the median (50th percentile) at 8,001 yuan, and the 75th percentile at 12,001 yuan for the 38 cities. The median salary has remained consistent both month-over-month and year-over-year. In the city ranking, Chengdu secures the 15th position, boasting an average monthly salary of 9,744 yuan and a median salary of 7,917 yuan.

In Chengdu’s third-quarter Top 10 Average Salary Rankings by industry, the Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology sector takes the top spot with a recruitment monthly salary of 12,200 yuan. Chengdu has been accelerating its efforts in developing the biopharmaceutical industry in recent years, resulting in a booming job market and increased salaries in related fields. Notably, in the third quarter, the Insurance sector within the Financial industry has climbed to the fourth position, offering an average monthly salary of 11,134 yuan.

Moreover, industries such as Information Technology (IT) and the Internet, including Computer Software, Electronic Technology/Semiconductors/Integrated Circuits, and IT Services, as well as sectors like Energy/Mining/Extraction/Smelting and Aerospace Research and Manufacturing, also boast relatively high recruitment salary levels.

Based on the data, when looking at professions, Chip Engineers have consistently remained at the top of the list for high-paying occupations in the third quarter, with an average monthly recruitment salary of 22,533 yuan. Artificial Intelligence Engineers have also seen a significant rise, with a 2.8% increase from the second quarter, bringing their average recruitment monthly salary to 22,302 yuan and moving them up from the third to the second position in the rankings.

During this quarter, salaries for roles in Real Estate Planning and Development, as well as Real Estate Transactions, have experienced noticeable increases of 12.4% and 7.5%, respectively, compared to the previous quarter. This shift has elevated them to the fifteenth and seventeenth positions in the rankings. This salary growth is attributed to the positive policies in the real estate market, which have spurred increased real estate transactions.

Experts from Zhaopin Recruitment have analyzed that in the third quarter of this year, both month-on-month and year-on-year recruitment compensation in domestic enterprises have seen a slight decline. Cities like Shanghai and Beijing, in conjunction with industries such as finance, new energy, and pharmaceuticals/biotechnology, are offering competitive salaries for positions like Chip Engineers and Artificial Intelligence Engineers. In comparison to the same period last year, the tourism industry has experienced a significant uptick in recruitment compensation, and salaries for roles in automobile sales have accelerated. “Driven by consumer demand and innovation, the domestic economy is showing signs of continued recovery. There are emerging changes in regional, industry, and occupational recruitment markets. We recommend that job seekers adapt their expectations according to the trends in recruitment market compensation and make well-informed choices regarding employment channels and job search strategies.”


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