Singaporean Enterprises Harness the Potential of the Chinese Market
Singaporean Enterprises Harness the Potential of the Chinese Market

Singaporean Enterprises Harness the Potential of the Chinese Market

In November, the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) is gearing up for its sixth appearance at China’s prestigious imports expo, assembling a formidable delegation of more than 500 senior business leaders representing 56 Singaporean companies on the lookout for fresh market opportunities.

The China International Import Expo (CIIE), slated to occur in Shanghai from November 5th to 10th, will welcome approximately 40 percent of Singaporean exhibitors who are making their debut, alongside 60 percent who are returning participants, as stated by Kok Ping Soon, the CEO of SBF, during a press conference on Monday.

Kok highlighted, “The CIIE remains a pivotal platform for Singaporean enterprises to expand their footprint in the Chinese market, especially in burgeoning sectors such as digital innovation and sustainability.”

Cha Pei Pei, CEO of International FLS Corp., an education firm attending the CIIE for the second time, drew an analogy, stating, “Attending the CIIE for the first time was akin to tasting durian for the first time. You felt curiosity and excitement before experiencing it, and once you took the first bite, you were captivated.”

This year, the Singapore Pavilion at the sixth CIIE will encompass an impressive exhibition area spanning nearly 1,286 square meters. Within this space, a diverse array of products and services, including consumer goods, food and agricultural products, and service trade offerings, will be showcased.

Since 2013, China has held the position of Singapore’s largest trading partner, while Singapore continues to be the leading source of foreign investment for China.

According to the SBF’s National Business Survey 2022/2023, 46 percent of surveyed Singaporean companies have established a presence in China. Among those firms with aspirations for international expansion, 21 percent express a strong interest in venturing into the Chinese market.


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