Siemens Sees Enormous Potential in China’s Thriving Industrial Market
Siemens Sees Enormous Potential in China’s Thriving Industrial Market

Siemens Sees Enormous Potential in China’s Thriving Industrial Market

Roland Busch, President and CEO of Siemens AG, expressed the company’s high regard for the opportunities presented by China’s market development during a recent interview with Xinhua. Emphasizing China’s status as the world’s largest industrial market, Busch stated that Siemens finds the Chinese market highly attractive. He affirmed Siemens’ commitment to expanding manufacturing capacities, delivering improved products and services to Chinese partners, enhancing research and development (R&D) efforts, and actively contributing to the high-quality development of China’s economy.

Busch emphasized the significant role of digitalization in the global economy, noting its transformative impact across sectors such as industrial manufacturing, energy systems, infrastructure, and healthcare. Recognizing China’s immense industrial market and untapped potential, he expressed confidence in China’s ability to become a leading force in driving industry digitalization. China’s high adoption rate and acceptance of digital technologies contribute to its potential to lead the digital transformation in the industrial sector and emerge as an innovation leader, according to Busch.

Highlighting the importance of local development and innovation in the Chinese market, Busch stated that Siemens would increase investments in China to bolster production capacity. The company plans to establish local R&D centers, intensify R&D efforts, and build a digital factory in China to facilitate the development and implementation of various application software products.

Busch’s visit to China coincided with his participation in the Siemens Digital Economy Forum held in Beijing, where the company announced a fourth-phase expansion project for the Chengdu digital factory. This expansion, involving an investment of 140 million euros (153 million U.S. dollars), aims to significantly enhance the factory’s production capacity.

When discussing the expansion, Busch emphasized Siemens’ strategy to seize local growth opportunities in China and serve the market accordingly. With over 48 million small and medium-sized enterprises in China seeking digital transformation, Siemens remains optimistic about this vast market. The company introduced the open digital business platform Siemens Xcelerator at the China International Import Expo, aiming to support Chinese enterprises with a comprehensive technical framework.

Busch acknowledged that Siemens’ comprehensive automation, digitalization, and low-carbon products align with China’s focus on digital transformation and sustainable development, making them highly suitable for the Chinese market.


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