Showcasing African Excellence: China-Africa Trade Expo Elevates Madagascar’s Products
Showcasing African Excellence: China-Africa Trade Expo Elevates Madagascar’s Products

Showcasing African Excellence: China-Africa Trade Expo Elevates Madagascar’s Products

In a significant stride towards shared prosperity, the third installment of the China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo served as an exceptional avenue for spotlighting and promoting a range of exceptional products from Madagascar and other African nations, as emphasized by Madagascan officials.

Emi-Haulain Kola, the Director General of Development Partnership and Diaspora at the Madagascan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, highlighted the expo’s importance in providing local entrepreneurs and exhibitors with an invaluable platform to exhibit Madagascar’s flagship commodities. Speaking at a media event organized by the Chinese Embassy in Madagascar, Kola emphasized the rare opportunity that this commercial gathering presented for showcasing these prime products.

Madagascar took center stage as a guest country of honor at the expo, where seven distinguished companies seized the spotlight on a 300-square-meter platform. These companies proudly unveiled an array of offerings, spanning from exquisite vanilla, cloves, and rum to delectable chocolate, cocoa, and essential oils.

Domohina Rakotovao, who leads the Support for Economic Operators division at the Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade, and Consumer Affairs, affirmed the expo’s pivotal role in advancing local entrepreneurs and products. Rakotovao expressed optimism that this occasion would stimulate exporters to continually enhance their production, quality, and marketing strategies. She also noted the gradual expansion of the Chinese market’s reception to Madagascan products, harboring hopes for a stronger Madagascan presence in future editions of the expo.

Additionally, Rakotovao underscored the potential for heightened collaboration between Madagascar and China, aspiring for increased know-how exchange, supportive infrastructure, and progressive technology access. Such collaboration could catalyze growth and development for both nations.

In a parallel context, the exhibition witnessed a pivotal moment as China and Madagascar inked a protocol pertaining to the inspection and quarantine procedures for Madagascan sheep meat destined for the Chinese market. Fanja Raharinomena, the Secretary General of the Madagascan Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, hailed this protocol as a landmark achievement that opens up new avenues for mutually beneficial collaboration and bolsters Madagascar’s global trade stance.

According to Raharinomena, the joint efforts in the agriculture and livestock sector lay the groundwork for shared prosperity, emphasizing the potential for expanding national production capacity while maintaining domestic needs. She expressed confidence that these collaborative endeavors would continue to bear fruit, amplifying the partnership’s positive impact on the well-being and prosperity of both nations.

Overall, the China-Africa Trade Expo has emerged not only as an exhibition of products but as a symbol of cross-continental collaboration, economic empowerment, and shared aspirations. Madagascar’s distinguished presence and the fruitful protocol signings underscore the tangible benefits that arise from such cooperative efforts.


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