New Zealand’s Dairy Giant, Sets Sights on CIIE Success
New Zealand’s Dairy Giant, Sets Sights on CIIE Success

New Zealand’s Dairy Giant, Sets Sights on CIIE Success

New Zealand’s dairy powerhouse, Fonterra, is gearing up for this year’s China International Import Expo (CIIE) with a strong emphasis on sustainable development and cheese nutrition. The Chinese market has been displaying robust signs of post-pandemic recovery, with a notable uptick in dairy consumption over the years.

Fonterra continually explores innovative uses of dairy products in local cuisine, a concept that encompasses imaginative creations like cream cheese tea macchiatos, cheese lollipops, and even cheese-filled dumplings. Teh-han Chow, Fonterra’s Greater China CEO, shared these culinary innovations with Xinhua, highlighting the company’s dedication to introducing new dairy experiences to Chinese consumers.

“Another notable offering is our ‘Cheese Pro’ range, which combines cream and cheese to streamline the preparation of tea macchiatos,” Chow added.

At CIIE 2023, scheduled for November 5-10 in Shanghai, Fonterra will showcase its sustainably produced, high-quality, and nutritious dairy products from New Zealand. These offerings come hand-in-hand with innovative solutions designed to cater to the preferences of the Chinese market. Chow emphasized that Fonterra is committed to meeting the evolving needs of Chinese customers.

Participating in CIIE for six consecutive years, Fonterra underlines China as one of its most critical strategic markets. Over time, the company has expanded both its booth size and the number of contracts signed during the expo.

“We are observing a growing appetite for health and wellness-related products in China,” Chow explained. “Our key products at CIIE 2023 align with Fonterra’s nutritional strengths, which meet China’s rising demand for health and wellness items.”

Fonterra envisions expanding its foodservice business into more tier two and tier three cities across China. The company plans to achieve this by investing in innovation, enhancing its product lineup, and focusing on the development of Chinese cuisine and continuous menu expansion.

Chow also highlighted the symbiotic relationship between Fonterra and the Chinese government’s priorities. Fonterra’s alignment with China’s nutritional targets for dairy consumption and emission reduction goals underscores their shared commitment to sustainability.

Earlier this year, Fonterra established its fifth Fonterra Application Center in Shenzhen and recently upgraded its application centers in Shanghai and Beijing. These initiatives reflect Fonterra’s dedication to delivering innovative solutions and high-quality dairy products to the Chinese market.


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