CIIE: Key Step in China’s Market Opening
CIIE: Key Step in China’s Market Opening

CIIE: Key Step in China’s Market Opening

In an interview, Zhang Xiqiang, the Executive Vice President of Nestle and CEO of Zone Greater China, highlighted the China International Import Expo (CIIE) as a pivotal step in China’s commitment to global market access and economic collaboration. Zhang described CIIE as an efficient and innovative platform that showcases China’s ongoing market opening efforts and its dedication to integrating with the world while promoting new consumption trends.

Nestle, a member of the CIIE’s Exhibitor Council, is set to participate in the expo for the sixth consecutive time this November. The company aims to engage in industry exchanges and connect with consumers through various online and offline channels during the event. Nestle plans to showcase imported products from its ten core business units, encompassing dairy products, infant nutrition, Espresso coffee, and pet food.

Zhang noted that China’s consumer landscape has evolved into a more diverse and personalized market. The CIIE provides Nestle with a valuable platform for communication and interaction while offering global high-quality products a window to better align with consumer needs.

Furthermore, Zhang emphasized the CIIE’s role as an essential measure supporting trade liberalization and economic globalization. He highlighted its commitment to multilateralism and building open consensus, making it a vital contributor to today’s global economic development.

As a global gathering that attracts exhibitors and visitors worldwide, the CIIE serves as a platform to unite global concepts and resources, promoting China’s economic growth and global innovation. Exhibitions and conferences facilitate comprehensive communication between exhibitors and various purchasing groups, governments, industries, and media.

Zhang mentioned that the CIIE fosters intensive and efficient communication, with heads of central and local governments, purchasing groups, and exhibitors convening in Shanghai for high-level dialogues. He also recalled the CIIE’s role in facilitating significant agreements, such as Nestle’s cooperation deal with Bayer on the rice regenerative agriculture project during the 5th CIIE.

Zhang expressed confidence in China’s long-term economic development and market recovery, particularly post-pandemic, citing the nation’s robust economic resilience. Having invested and operated in China for 37 years, Nestle remains committed to deepening its presence in the Chinese market, closely monitoring shifts in consumer preferences, and enhancing the lives of Chinese consumers through the delivery of high-quality food products.


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