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How many cities do you cover in China?

How many cities do you cover in China?

Due to the complexities of local legislation in China, foreign business may face different legislation in each Chinese city or province. They have significant challenges in managing employment, employee payroll, local taxes, and social benefits. In 2022 ChinaPayroll as local leading HR provider in China will assist foreign companies in addressing challenges by expanding service operation to more than 400 cities in China, covering the majority of the country’s tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 cities.

“Employment, payroll, and social benefits policies can be quite tricky in different cities in China. Each city in China must have a local company to handle employee payroll, employment, social benefits, and tax. We have made our efforts to expand our local coverage in over 400 Chinese cities to assist foreign enterprises in hiring employees in China, to support foreign business owners in a more efficient and compliant way.” Says ChinaPayroll.

With our extensive service coverage in China and advanced payroll system, foreign companies can easily employ employees anywhere in China.

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