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How much does a managed payroll service cost?

How much does a managed payroll service cost?

Most payroll services charge a base fee. This can be a monthly charge or a per-payroll fee. With the latter, you are charged the base fee each time you run payroll. So, if your company pays employees every month, you pay the base fee monthly.

Payroll providers often offer multiple service plans with different features and services. This gives you the ability to find a plan that fits your budget and needs.

China Payroll offers the most suitable plan for all kinds of business start from $200 for each employee every month, with no hidden fee.

The features we cover:

  • Competitive and flexible pricing
  • Payday filing
  • Social sercurity cover
  • Secure and safe data
  • Email notifications
  • Basic leave management
  • Detailed payroll reports
  • Flexible foreign currency exchange services
  • Speedy onboarding from offer to labor contract
  • Local compliance ensured
  • Reduce cost by 90% for international companies

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