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What are the main steps to recruit an employee in China?

What are the main steps to recruit an employee in China?

Once you have made the decision to expand your business and begin hiring in China, you need to carefully consider the best way of hiring employees in China. This means thinking about unique Chinese cultural considerations, how the interview process works, how to recruit the best local talent and how to ensure full compliance with China’s employment laws.

1. Below are the different ways for you to find the right candidates.

Find through your own connections.

Post jobs in different job portals in China, e.g. Linkedin,,

Leave the recruitment part to the recruitment or headhunting firm.

2. Sign local labor contract with employees

The HR agency you selected will sign an official China labor contract with the candidates you selected.

3. Prepare the Payroll Report

Your HR agency will calculate the monthly employment cost based on the employee’s personal information, salary specifics, and social benefits contribution policies in each region, and submit a China payroll report to your company for payment.

4. Onboard Employee

The HR agency will register the employee’s information into the government system, which will enable them to complete all of the on-boarding procedures mandated by local regulations.

5.Pay Salary to Employee

The HR agency will release the salary, allowances, expenses to employees on the monthly basis after receiving the payment from foreign companies.

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